End Medical Neglect: Get Anthony Urgent Medical Care

As we continue to hear more and more stories of medical neglect due to Wellpath, the incompetent private medical provider in MA prisons, we’ll be sharing some immediate calls to action. Right now, we’re seeking support for Anthony Serrano, who is incarcerated at MCI-Shirley. He lost 28 pounds over the course of one week from vomiting, nausea, and inability to keep food down. He sought medical care, but instead was thrown into solitary, while Wellpath told him that nothing was wrong. He’s still dizzy and nauseous and in need of urgent care.

We know that the DOC needs to cancel Wellpath’s contract. Until then, join us in demanding that they provide Anthony with the care he needs.

Call the superintendent at MCI-Shirley: (978) 425-4341
You can press 2 to skip the entire intro message.
Press 2 again to dial an extension.
Press 2 a third time to connect to the medium facility.
Superintendent’s Office Ext. 4200 or Ext. 4126
Even if no one answers when you call, leave a message with the script below.


Hello, my name is [X] and I am a concerned community member calling on behalf of Anthony Serrano, W113379. Anthony has been seeking medical care for over a week, after losing 28 pounds from vomiting and inability to keep any food down. He also has sciatic pain and was seen at Shattuck and recommended a medical mattress and physical therapy, but hasn’t gotten it. 

This is gross medical neglect. To remedy this, I’m demanding that Anthony receive:

  1.  An urgent full evaluation for his gastrointestinal illness at an outside medical facility
  2. A back brace, medical mattress, wheelchair, and physical therapy appointment for his back pain

Will you confirm that Anthony will immediately receive this care?

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