Demand a fair hearing and dismiss the tickets!

Wayland was thrown in solitary for 10 days in March for having “too much” clean, bottled water in his cell, which he had purchased at canteen.

Although the DOC denies that they would put him in solitary for this, Wayland’s initial disciplinary report labeled the water he had stored as “contraband” and now, he could face further punishment if found “guilty” of accessing clean water. More details on our website.

His disciplinary hearing is at 9 am on Tuesday, May 1. The DOC has already limited the number of witnesses Wayland could call for testimony and the number of reporting officers he and his lawyer are allowed to question, setting him up for an unfair hearing.

Flood the prison and the DOC with calls on Monday! Demand Wayland’s disciplinary tickets be dismissed and clean water to provided to all MA prisoners.


CALL TODAY!! Script below:

MCI Norfolk: 508-660-5900, extension 219 to reach Heather Beckler, Deputy Superintendent. If that doesn’t work, hang up and call back 508-660-5900, extension 299 (operator)

Thomas A. Turco III, Commissioner: (508) 422-3330
Fax: (508) 422-3385

Hi, I am [name], and I am a loved one/family member/concerned citizen calling about Wayland Coleman, W65484. I heard his disciplinary hearing is tomorrow morning and I am calling to demand his disciplinary charges be dismissed! The DOC must immediately stop retaliating against prisoners who organize for clean water and immediately provide clean water to all MA prisoners.

Will you commit to dismissing Wayland’s disciplinary charges and provide free, clean, safe, sufficient, and healthy water to all MA prisoners? Will you commit to ending retaliation against prisoner organizers?


Bruce I. Gelb, Deputy Commissioner 
Tel: (508) 422-3495
Fax: (508) 422-3385

Kevin Anahory, Director of Central 
Inmate Disciplinary Unit: (508) 660-5981

Christopher Langlois, Deputy Director: 
Tel: (508) 660-5990


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