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***Please read this urgent letter from one of our incarcerated friends and organizers, Michael Mauney (aka Country), who is at extremely high risk of dying of COVID-19 once the virus gets into MCI-Norfolk. We ask you to share this post and write to DA Rachael Rollins to secure his release. We must #FreeCountry and #FreeThemAll.***

“To all of my family, friends, and supporters:

I truly appreciate the love and support that all of you have shown to me throughout the years. These almost two decades have been full of trials and tribulations, but also have been marked by some joyous moments of happiness. No matter the struggles, we have been through and almost seen it all, even if only for a moment. I have cherished and learned from you all. For that I am forever grateful.

In the wake of the current Covid-19 pandemic there has been a national conversation around decarcerating the prison population. Due to the inability of incarcerated persons to practice social distancing, the lack of quality medical care and lack of available hygiene resources to combat a potential outbreak inside the walls, prison is ripe and ready to erupt with the spread of the corona virus. Many District Attorneys, Legislators, Community Leaders, Activist, Educators, and Parole departments are in support of releasing incarcerated persons who pose no physical threat to society. They are also in support of releasing incarcerated persons that have been deemed as vulnerable populations due to health issues such as heart disease, asthma, and diabetes among others.

Today I am advocating that I be released from prison on parole in order to preserve my life in response to the danger of the covid-19 pandemic. From the beginning I have taken responsibility and accountability by pleading guilty to the harms I committed. However, due to my ignorance and misguidance of the law at the time, I was given an excessive “from and after” sentence structure which extended my possibly of being eligible for parole after serving 15 years. If my sentence was fixed, it would qualify me to have a parole hearing immediately, but due to the crisis I am asking to be seen earlier than my expected date of 2027.

Because I am a parole eligible lifer, according to pending legislation my case should be screened for possible release on parole. My prison record is impeccable as I have been any thing but short in being a model incarcerated person. I have completed nearly every program the Department of Corrections offers and even have served in leadership roles in most of them. These programs include but are not limited to African American Coalition Committee, Norfolk Inmate Council Education Committee, Restorative Justice Group, Correctional Recovery Academy, and Jericho Circle. I have also successfully completed two vocational programs with earned licences in both (barbering and welding) from Massachusetts Barber Board and the Massachusetts Highway and Bridge Division respectfully. Furthermore, I recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree with Magna Cum Laude honors from Boston University’s Prison Education Program. Therefore, I am fully rehabilitated and do not pose a threat to public safety due to the many tools that have been taught to me in order of not re-offending.

In addition to the plethora of work put into bettering myself for the future, I fit the definition to the letter of what the C.D.C. has determined who is the most vulnerable populations of succumbing to the Covid-19 crisis. On February 15, 2019 at the age of 40, I had a heart attack and a stint was placed into the right-coronary artery which showed 79% blockage at the time. Soon after my hospitalization it was determined that I have heart disease. I am currently listed as chronic care and am being treated with medication for hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, asthma, and other minor illnesses. If the virus makes it behind the wall
and I contract it it will likely put me down.

Here is where I need you all:

I am asking that you all write letters in addition to emailing and/or calling the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office in support of my immediate release on parole as a result of my vulnerability to the Corona virus. As I am currently housed in the state of Massachusetts which has become a hot-bed for the spread of the Covid-19, I am asking to be paroled/released to my uncle’s and aunt’s home (Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Friday) in the state of Kentucky. I am asking that you all advocate to the District Attorney’s to have my consecutive sentencing structure fixed to concurrent to make me truly eligible now. In your letters I ask you to include not only the language written throughout this call to action but please include some of the following:

  • What is your relationship me?
  • How long have you known me?
  • If any, what impact have I had in your life?
  • Why do you feel I should be paroled earlier than I am supposed to be.
  • How could you support me once released?
  • While incarcerated, how has our relationship grown, or gotten worse?
  • How sure are you that I will honor my parole conditions and how will you assist?
  • Have you seen growth in me and in what ways?
  • How would you feel if something happened to me as a result of getting covid-19?

These are just some prompts to follow but whatever you choose to write or say, you can. I really want to make my request for early parole based upon the outbreak of this virus that could potentially hurt me while being in prison here. I ask that you support me in this cause. I am more than qualified and ready to return home and do not want to die in prison.

You can email me or write me at: mlmauneyII@gmail.com or corrlinks


Michael L. Mauney II, W101821
P.O. Box 43
Norfolk, MA 02056

You can write, email, or call and share your petition and this one with Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins at:

Rachael Rollins
One Bulfinch Place
Boston, MA 02114
email at: Rachael.Rollins@MassMail.State.MA.US

Thank you all for the love. This matter is urgent. I have a timeline of April 30th. I hope to hear from you soon.

In solidarity,
Michael L Mauney II
aka Country”

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