COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

Given the long history of medical racism in this country, it is both unsurprising and understandable that people are skeptical of the new mRNA vaccines being offered to some prisoners as part of the public vaccination program.

We want to hear from you and the people you are in touch with inside about your concerns. We would also like to know what questions you have for health professionals that might help you make your decision.

We also recognize that bodily autonomy is essential for liberation. What have people inside been told about the voluntary or involuntary status of the vaccine for incarcerated people?

What have you heard regarding general feelings incarcerated folks have related to the vaccine? What have they heard from guards or health staff? What news information do they have access to?
We intend to provide this data to public health and medical professionals who occasionally volunteer their expertise to our health-related campaigns, and would like to get questions from incarcerated people directly into the hands of epidemiologists, doctors and nurses. Any questions you have may be anonymously compiled into an FAQ.

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