No protection, no supplies, and now no water?

We learned today from one of our inside organizers that the commissary at MCI-Norfolk suddenly removed bottled water as an item that can be ordered by folks who are incarcerated.

This comes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that has already killed 3 incarcerated people in MA. Folks behind the wall are forced to pay for sufficient hygiene products, cannot practice physical distancing, are punished for wearing homemade masks, and are confined to their units 24 hours a day under a new lockdown order in all MA prisons this past weekend.

Given well-documented water contamination at MCI-Norfolk, we demand answers and that free bottled water, protective equipment, and hygiene products be given to people inside immediately.

We need your help:

1) Please call MCI-Norfolk using the call script below immediately and magnify our demands. Comment below when you have made the calls!

2) We also amplify our sisters’ demands from Building Up People Not Prisons, take action with them today as well:

MCI Norfolk Superintendent
508-660-5900 x211

DOC Commissioner, Carol Mici

Hello, my name is ___________. I’m calling because I am alarmed to hear that bottled water has been removed as an option on commissary at MCI-Norfolk. This is unacceptable and incarcerated people and their loved ones deserve answers. Why did this happen?

In light of the pandemic, will you commit to doing everything in your power to distribute sufficient free bottled water, hygiene products, and protective equipment to the people in your care immediately?

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