#prisonstrike boycott poll

The national call for action has asked that local groups pick three companies to boycott. We have compiled this list from Popular Resistance , as suggested in the national call. Please pick up to three companies you both patronize and would be willing to boycott for 8/21 – 9/9.

Please note that we have also only included in this poll companies that are locally accessible. There is a shocking number of total complicit organizations. We have also included Amazon.com. We see Amazon’s direct dealings with ICE as a massive pillar of the prison industrial complex and the prison slavery machine. As Cosecha has pointed out undocumented migrants are often forced to work for no pay in private prisons during their detention. This is slavery.


Please note that the full list is available at https://popularresistance.org/identifying-businesses-that-profit-from-prison-labor/ For the sake of localizing our boycott endorsements, we have tried to only include companies that people in and around Massachusetts would be able to boycott directly. If something is missing from this list that is of local interest, please contact info@deeperthanwater.org


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