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Update: As of late 3/30, Wayland has been released 
from solitary confinement. He is still being 
charged with organizing (which is a "crime" in 
prison) and has been hit with two disciplinary 
reports for which he may face consequences. 
Please fill out our contact form to get on our 
emergency mailing list if there is further 


They may be old-school, but they’re still an essential business communications tool and they’re still everywhere. Please take a minute to send a fax using any number of free faxing services (if you don’t have access to your own).

Fax machines are important in that they provide a written, printed account of the concerns that are being ignored and are much harder to screen. Not sure what to write? Use our call-in template!

Fax numbers:

Thomas Turco III, DOC Commissioner
Fax: (508) 422-3385

Central Inmate Disciplinary Unit at MCI-Norfolk
Kevin Anahory, Director
Christopher Langlois, Deputy Director
Fax : (508) 660-5975

Free fax services:

https://www.myfax.com/free/ – can send up to 2 faxes free every 24 hours. Simply upload your document and press send. No account or sign-up needed.

https://faxzero.com/ – 5 free per day, max 3 pages per fax. No account or sign-up needed.

For more free services, plus reviews and tips, see this Lifehacker article.


MyFax.com interface, only takes three steps!
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