Update 7/20: X was moved in the middle of the 
night to another facility. Told he was seeing the 
Lt. Never received a single ticket or reason. 
Please keep calling. This time demand to know 
why he was moved.
Update 7/19: X is still in solitary. 
Still no charges. See here or visit our FB 
for more.

As you all know, MA state prisons are sweltering this time of year, with prisoners passing out from heat exhaustion. In response to our call-in campaign to Gov. Baker’s office and the Dept. of Public Health (DPH), Wayland “X” Coleman has been put in solitary yet again in retaliation.

Please click here when you have made your calls! 

DPH performed a surprise inspection of three prisons due to public pressure last week, and subsequently delivered an unpromising report from Norfolk, covered by the Globe. They have conspicuously refused to release their findings at MCI Cedar Junction, where temperatures can spike above 115 degrees inside. 

The day after the DPH inspection of Norfolk (Thursday, 7/12), Wayland, an outspoken activist for improved conditions in the prison, was handcuffed and thrown in solitary confinement for the second time in 4 months in retaliation for his activism. He still has not been informed of the formal charges against him.


Update 7/17:

Wayland has still not received charges. Yesterday 
the DOC claimed within the same hour that CORI 
prevented them from releasing charges while another 
caller was told that a statement would be 
forthcoming. Please keep calling!


Update 7/19:

One of us was able to visit with Wayland last night in solitary confinement. Despite what Norfolk is telling many of us on the phone, he still does not know why he is in solitary. Deputy Superintendent Tiana Bennett’s office is 10 feet away from the solitary unit and she could easily swing by Wayland’s cell at any time to tell him what he is being investigated for.

Please join us as we make calls to Commissioner of the DOC, Tom Turco, to demand that Wayland be informed of the charges and immediately released from solitary. See script below.

Please stay tuned and engaged as we continue to build for action in defense of our friends inside.


Sample script

Thomas A. Turco III, Commissioner: (508) 422-3330
Fax: (508) 422-3385

Hello, my name is ____________________ and I am a concerned individual/friend of Wayland Coleman’s. He has been held in solitary confinement for over a week and has not received any information about why. MCI Norfolk administrators have repeatedly lied to callers, saying that a reason has been given. We understand this to be part of a pattern of retaliation against prisoner activists. I demand his immediate release!

Why is Wayland in solitary? Will you confirm he will be released immediately? If not, why and when will you release him?

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