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The past week rocked MA with heat emergencies and high humidity. In MA prisons, without AC temperatures remained above 100 in cell blocks, measured as high as 115. We call on Gov. Baker to address this situation!

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On top of the dirty water at every institution we have heard from, this is another example of environmental racism, of prisons’ fundamental disinterest in rehabilitation.

We demand that all MA prisoners be released to seek safe and adequate housing and medical care.

We hold DOC Commissioner Thomas Turco responsible for the situation and are calling on Governor Baker to immediately terminate him. Until this demand is met, we insist that MA DOC immediately install air conditioners and fans in all units, while providing free access to clean, bottled water and personal fans.


Sample call script

Hello, my name is _________. And I am a concerned voter in [your town/neighborhood]. I have been informed that prisoners in MA do not have access to air conditioning, fans, or clean water. This is yet another example of environmental racism on the part of the state of Massachusetts and the DOC.

I demand that you immediately terminate Commissioner Turco. Further, you must instruct the DOC to install air conditioning and fans in all units and provide prisoners with free, clean bottled water and personal fans.




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