A message from Wayland Coleman

We received this letter on March 27th. As of right now, Wayland is out of solitary, but please continue to send him letters of love and support, as this is far from over. Also please stay tuned to the #DeeperThanWater hashtag in case there is further retaliation. Thanks for everyone who called and made noise in the service of human rights.

3/22/18, Thursday


I want to thank you, and express my deepest appreciation for you, in your desire to care, make time, and stand up for the incarcerated members of our society. Abolitionist dialog is centered around the complete elimination of cages, especially the cage called the prison industrial complex. Some of our veterans of abolition — such as Rachel Herzing — has mentioned that the PIC is so powerful, that it cannot be destroyed in one shot. But that if we can take a screw here and a cog there, we can effectively weaken it.

I think that any good idea needs action in order to make it a reality. You represent that action. We are the pliers and screwdrivers, and if we can loosen enough screws, nuts, and bolts, then this oppressive & repressive machine will collapse upon itself. Any time that we are able to put an act of inhumanity on public display, we have taken a screw. Clean drinking water is a basic human right, so when the system refuse to give incarcerated humans clean, safe, water, and moves to punish the incarcerated for having it, then I say to you, that is inhumanity.

I’m fine — with the exception of being very hungry. I haven’t eaten or drank anything since 7:30 AM Wed., which I had a bowl of wheat flakes for breakfast. My concern right now is the lack of water. I fear that they would let me die before they give me bottled water. They treat you as if they are negotiating with a terrorist, instead of an American human being. And the word “terrorist” is only used here to make the argument. “Terrorist” is a label that’s intended to dehumanize Muslims and other revolutionary fighters, so that it would be ok in the eyes of society to kill them, so that is a label that must be destroyed. Ok, so, I guess the hunger, thirst, and isolation has gotten me to babble. So I will close here.

In love & solidarity!

I am in the struggle,
Your comrade,

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