Retaliation at Gardner

update: as of 5/7, we have been informed that more of our people are being sent to solitary, disciplinary charges being handed out

We just received word that our friend and inside organizer, Wayland “X” Coleman, was thrown in solitary confinement this morning at NCCI-Gardner. The DOC has not yet given a reason why. We suspect it’s connected to the protest happening there now.

Please call the NCCI-Gardner superintendent’s office NOW to demand Wayland be returned to general population. Comment with your conversation below to help us keep track of the DOC response.

Please also email the commissioner by clicking here.

Phone script:

Call: 978-630-6000 ext. 102

Hello, my name is _____. I’m calling on behalf of Wayland Coleman (W65484). I heard that he was thrown into solitary confinement this morning without any reason. Can you tell me why Wayland is in solitary confinement?

(They will likely claim they cannot tell you for security/confidentiality reasons).

Solitary confinement is torture. There is absolutely no reason Wayland, or anyone, should be there. I demand that he be released and returned to the general population immediately. Can you confirm Wayland will be returned to his unit?

(eg, how did the call go? did they offer any information?)

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