Call to action: support help bring Truth home!

CALL TO ACTION: Join us in writing letters of support for one of our friends and incarcerated organizers, Sean “Truth” Evelyn, for his upcoming parole hearing. Letters of support from the community are important for letting the parole board know that Truth has support outside the walls. Please share this post and comment if you can write a letter!

Below, you can find some facts about himself that Truth has shared with us. You can write whatever you choose, but here are some optional prompts to include in your letter:

  •  How do you know Sean?
  •  If any, what impact has Sean had in your life?
  •  How has Sean changed over the course of his incarceration?
  •  What do you think Sean could offer to the community?
  •  Why do you think Sean should be paroled?
  •  How could you support Sean once released?

By the first week of November, please send your letters to:

Sean Evelyn, W94765
2 Clark Street, PO Box 43
Norfolk, MA 02056

From Truth:

• Over the course of my incarceration, I’ve maintained consistent employment, and received only three nonviolent, non-drug related disciplinary infractions (with the exception of one fight in the county jail).

• I’ve earned 20+ certificates of completion in programming addressing: anger, violence, trauma, criminal addictive thinking, and emotional awareness. Of all these programs, my participation in the Restorative Justice retreats and subsequent circles from 2016–2019 were by far the most transformative for me. My experiences in those spaces played a pivotal role in my own healing, as well as helping me develop a sense of accountability for my actions and the adverse effect that they’ve had on the community. Through R.J., I was given various opportunities to engage with survivors, district attorneys, and other law enforcement. I’ve also contributed to several R.J. 101 groups with Harvard University, and Brandies University. Those experience had a profound impact on me and my understanding of the responsibility that I have to atone for the harms I’ve cause — both as a survivor of, and responsible party for community violence.

• I spent a good portion of my time in mentor positions in the Second Thoughts at risk youth program from 2012- 2013, and as Project Coordinator on the Young Men’s Committee (YMC) board from 2016–2020. My responsibility as Project Coordinator was to develop and oversee the facilitation of all program curricula, workshops, events, and proposals submitted on behalf of the Committee.

• I’ve engaged in regular civic discourse regarding legislative initiatives and other planning with state officials and community stake holders while serving on the African American Coalition Committee (A.A.C.C.) board of directors from 2017 to present.

• In 2020, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. That same year, I coauthored a study that examined links between exposure to, and perpetration of inner-city violence amongst violent offenders at MCI Norfolk.

• Over the years I’ve developed a passion and marketable talent in the realm of spoken word poetry. Since 2012, I’ve received several awards for my performances in the Norfolk Poetry Group, Young Men’s Committee poetry slams, A.A.C.C. talent competitions, Toastmasters creative expression completions, and have been featured regularly as the entertainment for a wide range of other committee events.

• I’ve done my best to be intentional about using these many years of incarceration as a transformative period in my life. If I am granted parole, I will continue to use the skills, talents, and insights that I’ve developed over the years to honor those I’ve harmed and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. I plan on requesting to be paroled to the THRIVE CoSA Communities in Lowell, and to later transition to the greater Boston area.

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