Infestation at Shirley Medium

Incarcerated people at MCI Shirley face an unsanitary outbreak of mice and pest contamination of food and meal trays. Wayland Coleman and others avoid eating this unsanitary food at great personal expense, and Wayland consistently helps others access clean food through canteen.

We are supporting Wayland and his brother Adrian in raising $7000 to cover his food costs for a year, so he can eat enough to stay healthy without risking contaminated food.

hear from those incarcerated at Shirley about what conditions are like inside the faclity.

Hear Wayland Coleman explain the problem and why he and other people inside are
organizing to get safe and sanitary food for people incarcerated at MCI Shirley – Medium.

An anonymous worker shares how pervasive and long-standing this issue is, as well as the response
from the prison administration to complaints from incarcerated people.

Hear the voice of a worker who was fired from the kitchen for speaking out about the
infestation and unsafe food and food storage conditions.